Saturday, July 17, 2010

WWE Supershow in Omaha Results

Hey all I just left the WWE supershow, and it was only about 65% full, but the crowd was hot all night, alot of Cena shirts in the crowd.

1. Christian defeated Cody Rhodes: Pretty solid opener, Christian won with the killswitch. Cody had alot of heat, and is alot better on the mic than Ted Dibiase.

2. Santino defeated Zach Ryder: Not even that much of a comedy match, but a joke move won the match, the cobra, which looks ridiculous in person.

3. Miz defeated Mark Henry and Evan Bourne in a triple threat to retain the US title. Originally it was Miz vs Evan, but the Raw GM, emailed Justin Roberts cell phone and announced Mark Henry. Evan hit the air bourne on Henry then Miz made the cover.

Jillian asked a kid a question, What's the Name of Sunday's PPV, he got it right so he was special bell ringer for the next match.

4. John Morrison defeated Ted Dibiase with Maryse. Basic match between the two, Morrison won with Starship Pain. During the match Maryse took a fans clown wig and gave it to Dibiase who rubbed it on his butt, Morrison then later wore it around.

5. The Hart Dynasty defeated the Usos: Basic match we've seen between the two teams in the past, i will say, as hot as Natalia looks on tv, she looks even better in person. Smith won with the sharpshooter.

Jillian came out again to help throw shirts into the crowd.


6. Kofi Kingston beat Matt Hardy, Dolph Zigler & Drew McIntyre in a fatal 4 way to retain the Intercontinental title. Drew worked the mic earlier on, but was rather sloppy imo, maybe it was a bad microphone. He and Hardy brawled then Dolph ran in, until Kofi made the save. After the match Kofi & Matt shook hands, Drew threw chairs around, and Zigler was still laid out from Kofi's kick, referees helped him to the back, crowd gave him a round of applause.

7. Alicia Fox defeated Eve. Another basic match.

8. John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus, Edge, Chris Jericho & Jack Swagger ended in a no contest when Nexus did a run in. Very fun 8 man tag, Swagger played to the Nebraska crowd by wearing an Oklahoma hat that a fan tossed him. Alot of heat for all the heels, and the faces received all of the biggest pops of the night, in a funny moment, Big Show asked for Justin Roberts to hold up the mic, shushed the crowd and told them "i'm hittin Swagga" in a Elmer Fudd voice. Cena had Sheamus in the STFU, when NExus ran in, then Kane's music hit, he & other faces made the save, to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest pop: John Cena

Most Heat: Miz

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