Saturday, July 17, 2010

WWE Supershow in Omaha Results

Hey all I just left the WWE supershow, and it was only about 65% full, but the crowd was hot all night, alot of Cena shirts in the crowd.

1. Christian defeated Cody Rhodes: Pretty solid opener, Christian won with the killswitch. Cody had alot of heat, and is alot better on the mic than Ted Dibiase.

2. Santino defeated Zach Ryder: Not even that much of a comedy match, but a joke move won the match, the cobra, which looks ridiculous in person.

3. Miz defeated Mark Henry and Evan Bourne in a triple threat to retain the US title. Originally it was Miz vs Evan, but the Raw GM, emailed Justin Roberts cell phone and announced Mark Henry. Evan hit the air bourne on Henry then Miz made the cover.

Jillian asked a kid a question, What's the Name of Sunday's PPV, he got it right so he was special bell ringer for the next match.

4. John Morrison defeated Ted Dibiase with Maryse. Basic match between the two, Morrison won with Starship Pain. During the match Maryse took a fans clown wig and gave it to Dibiase who rubbed it on his butt, Morrison then later wore it around.

5. The Hart Dynasty defeated the Usos: Basic match we've seen between the two teams in the past, i will say, as hot as Natalia looks on tv, she looks even better in person. Smith won with the sharpshooter.

Jillian came out again to help throw shirts into the crowd.


6. Kofi Kingston beat Matt Hardy, Dolph Zigler & Drew McIntyre in a fatal 4 way to retain the Intercontinental title. Drew worked the mic earlier on, but was rather sloppy imo, maybe it was a bad microphone. He and Hardy brawled then Dolph ran in, until Kofi made the save. After the match Kofi & Matt shook hands, Drew threw chairs around, and Zigler was still laid out from Kofi's kick, referees helped him to the back, crowd gave him a round of applause.

7. Alicia Fox defeated Eve. Another basic match.

8. John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus, Edge, Chris Jericho & Jack Swagger ended in a no contest when Nexus did a run in. Very fun 8 man tag, Swagger played to the Nebraska crowd by wearing an Oklahoma hat that a fan tossed him. Alot of heat for all the heels, and the faces received all of the biggest pops of the night, in a funny moment, Big Show asked for Justin Roberts to hold up the mic, shushed the crowd and told them "i'm hittin Swagga" in a Elmer Fudd voice. Cena had Sheamus in the STFU, when NExus ran in, then Kane's music hit, he & other faces made the save, to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest pop: John Cena

Most Heat: Miz

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well the draft has come & gone, i really like what happened as Raw seems to have enough big stars not to feel stale & Smackdown will now be given the opportunity to showcase underutilized talents.

Raw Draft Picks:
John Morrison: Even though i wish he had stayed on Smackdown and turned heel and received a World title run, i like him on Raw. WWE has built him well the last 12 months & Raw seemed pretty logical for him, i hope he doesn't get lost in the shuffle though. WWE can either A) push him as a top face, possibly number 3 to Cena & Orton. B) Keep his team with R-Truth going and build a tag division(hey it's better than him being a jobber) or C) Turn him heel on R-Truth.

R-Truth: Former NWA Champion, he can work a match & be entertaining on the mic but doesn't have the main event feel to him. What to be done with him? Keep the team with Morrison or have em feud. He'll just wind up like he was on Smackdown regardless.

Edge: Was hoping for an Edge & Christian tag team but Christian is on Smackdown now. Edge has thankfully turned heel again. The heel landscape on Raw looks real good.

Chris Jericho: Alot hated this move, i like it, it was obvious he was Raw bound last summer, even more so this past winter, alot of fun can be had on Raw with him.

Supplemental Draft,
Great Khali & Ranjin Singh: Meh, comedy team with Santino? I knew he would wind up on Raw, Singh is a booker, plus Khali is always makign cameos on Raw anyhow.

Ezekiel Jackson: Not sure about this one, sure he was the last WWEcw champion but on Raw, idk what to do with him. Maybe let him & Kozlov try to one up each other than join forces & team with William Regal...oh wait never mind.

Goldust: Kind of expected him to stay on Smackdown & feud/team with Cody, but it looks as if WWE want to keep them apart. Goldust is a classic character on Raw, and he has drastically improved in the last 12 months. Great mid card act, plus he can compete with main eventers too.

Hart Dynasty: They could've just appeared on Raw since they're tag champs but meh, they've been on Raw the past month so it makes sense. Plus i like seeing Bret in a manager esque role.

I guess JTG was moved to Raw but then switched back to SMackdown.

Smackdown Draft Picks:
Kelly Kelly: I don't care, i truly don't care.

The Big Show: Obviously is gettign a title shot(if you've read the smackdown spoilers that is). Makes sense too since he "turned" on Raw at Bragging Rights.

Kofi Kingston: Best move they made, Kofi for World Champ!

Christian: Even though i would've loved to have seen E&C teaming again, hopefully this leads to a solid push as a main eventer on Smackdown(he & Edge brawled on the SD tapings). I prefer him as a heel but i can take him as a face too.

Supplemental Draft
Chavo Guerrero: Knew it, hope to see him as the male on Team Vickie. Plus he can wrestle Rey again.

Cody Rhodes: Great move, let him be by himself, i was gonna guess as a face but it looks like he's still heel, i see a bright future on Smackdown.

Chris Masters: Probably won't make a difference.

Hornswoggle: Man, there goes the comedy group of Santio, Khali, Singh & Hornswoggle.Finlay anyone?

Rosa Mendes: Doesn't matter, just wish Zach Ryder was moved instead...woo woo know it.

MVP: MVP is ready to main event smackdown.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Draft: How i'd do it.

Raw New Talent:
Chris Jericho: I want to see Raw have more or less established talent and give SmackDown the opportunity to showcase more up & coming stars, Jericho i'd love to be on Raw.

Drew McIntyre: No matter what i see him going to Raw, as for the IC title, i hope they unify the IC & U.S. belts, same with the womens & divas titles. Keep the world titles exclusive but let the secondary champions float around.

Edge: Edge & Christian...enough said

Finlay: Fresh midcard/superstars talent, plus he can work a match and has a history in main events so he wont seems totally jobberish, plus Hornswoggle can hang around him.

Matt Hardy: I know he's been passed around alot, but i think Matt would be fresh on Raw.

Todd Grisham & Matt Striker: Seeing as how JR will never be back on Raw, unless via special appearance, let the future of the announce team get the Raw spot, Cole sucks, and Todd & Matt have great chemistry.

Ranjin Singh & The Great Khali: I see this happening since Khali is always appearing on Raw & Singh is a writer.

Rey Mysterio: Sure his last stint sucked but it'd still shake things up.

Shad: Either him or JTG.

Tiffany: Mainly because her husband is Drew McIntyre.

Smackdown New Talent:
Carlito: Seeing as how his character has been complaining about a lack of a push on Raw.

Chavo Guerrero: Pair him with Vickie & Laycool

Cody Rhodes: Obvious this will happen since he's the lost Legacy member.

Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole: See Striker & Grisham

Kofi Kingston: Most logical choice, please make him the main face of the show!

Mark Henry: I just hope his arrest wont affect his career.

MVP: Was a up & comer on SD, a nobody on Raw, move him back!

Primo: EIther this or a release.

Santino Marella: Ran his course on Raw, re-team him with Beth Phoenix, as faces this time.

Vladimir Kozlov: if Santiono's show gets aired on, Kozlov is supposed to be a part of it, he could lead to some fun skits with Santino as a team.

Zack Ryder & Rosa Mendez: Push him hard in the IC/US division, create a stable with Croft & Barreta.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

WWE Cuts Seven Talents

Mickie James:
Kind of a shock seeign as how she has been the top face diva since 2006, but i guess she was arriving late, i think it had more than that to do with it.

Katie Lea Burchill:
Very hot diva, but was soso in the ring, much like most of the wwe divas. TNA has far better woman wrestlers.

Thought he might wind up with an agent job sicne he's been there so long but i guess not, hell i'd keep him on just as a jobber.

Slam Master J:
Guess being friends with Michael Hayes doesn't do too much for ya, he never did much for me anyhow.

Jimmy Wany Yang:

Mike Knox:
They gave him mini pushes here & there, then stuck him in a tag team with Charlie Haas, Haas was released and Knox is now too...hmm atleast Haas's old partner Shelton still has his job.

Shelton Benjamin:
Fuck, this one pissed me off, if i was in charge of the company, he'd be one of my top guys. Sure he can't work the mic but he could've had a manager, plus he was the best in ring talent the company had as far as ring skills go. Was hoping he'd receive a good push on SmackDown this year, oh well, TNA gives pushes away like they're candy for ex wwe stars(except Brian Kendrick...please push that man!)

Extreme Rules Predictions

Normally i'd chose to do my predictions, and how i would book it, as two different parts of the same post, but i see wwe booking it the same way i would.

Extreme Rules World Title Jack Swagger(C) vs Randy Orton
Swagger goes over, stays on SmackDown!

Last Man Standing WWE Title John Cena(C) vs Batista
Cena gets the win, the only way i see him losing is if his supposed injury is enough to take time off.

Steel Cage Chris Jericho vs Edge
I'm going with the Edge victory here, the only way i see Edge losing is if Christian were to interfere and turn heel.

Street Fight HHH vs Sheamus
Sheamus gets the win & the momentum as HHH takes a few months off.

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio(Punk Shaves his head if he loses)
Tough call, if it were mask vs hair i'd go with Rey, but seeing as how Rey got the win at WrestleMania i see Punk getting a win. Either man could win and it's make sense, but i'm going with Punk for this one.

Extrmeme Makeover Match Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix
Could really care less about this one, i'll go with Beth.

Strap Match JTG vs Shad Gaspard
Shad seems to be getting the push so i'll go with him getting the win.

I also see MizShow coming out to get Bret to admit to them being the best tag team ever, and a impromptu tag title match starting with the Hart Dynasty, if that were to happen i'd give the win to the Harts.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Raw Thoughts 4-19-10

Missed most of last weeks so i didn't do a recap but here we are with this weeks show.

HHH was hillarious in his opening promo, i don't care what people say about the man, i love him. Sure he may not be as good in the ring as he once was, but he can still work a mic. Punk was good in his role too, and has become an EXCELLENT heel.
The 6 man tag later in the night was a great 6 man, fast moving, everyone was showcased a bit, Edge legitimately looked hurt though.

Wish Drew vs Matt went longer

The Kozlov skit was funny but not as funny as i thought it'd be, last weeks backstage promo was great, tonight was meh, i did lagh at loud when they showed Khali's lil titan tron Macgruber video, but forgettable none the less.

Swagger vs Taker was a great T.V. match, Taker looked strong & healthy and put on a good performance with Swagger. Normally i'd complain that Taker didn't put the up & comer over(Taker puts alot over so that is not a knock on him) but it made sense to have Swagger job tonight. Taker will be taking time off most likely and his rare Raw appearance goes to show that a win for him is a good thing.

The star of the night was Jericho, was hillarious backstage with Will Forte & Kristen Wigg, and put on a good match. Not alot of matches but was a really good Raw, plus the announcers put over the PPV too quite a bit!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Raw Thoughts 4-5-10

I enjoyed the opening segment, i thought Swagger was presented as a champion, even though i think he should have been built more over the last 7 months, cause i'm a fan of his. I didn't like Cena callign him lucky, Swagger on ECW was presented as a force, hell he even put on a decent match with Cena last year. Orton i love, always have, he's still heel Orton but as a babyface. ShowMiz is still AWESOME, and i hope Miz gets a big push this year. Outunga carried himself well aswell.

Kofi vs Sheamus should've gone longer and Kofi should've goen over. He was red hot last year now is falling, much like MVP. HHH should've interfered and cost Sheamus that was it built their feud, SHeamus wouldn't look weak & Kofi would've gotten a win. That or atleast have Sheamus use the pipe to win.
Also i was thinking maybe Kofi's push is dead, but remember, Swagger hasn't done jack shit on Raw the past 7 months, now he's champion, hopefully Kofi is moved to main event status on SD.

The battle royal with the divas was your basic diva affair, aka meh. TNA is better for women imo, but i like Maryse on the mic, plus Katie was nice to look at.

SPeaking of TNA, i flipped to it durrign commercials, saw blood & chair shots, that's about ti...oh and Knockouts, they're the best. Dafney, Lacey Von Erich, Velvet Skye, come on!

The Santino skit was hillariosu imo, he hasn't been used latley, which might be smart as they don't want him to become annoying, though some already agree he is. Loved the A-Team gags.

ShowMiz-Cena/Batista, didn't do much other than build up the Cena Batista feud, and that all it needed to be.

I really like Ted Dibiase with the Million Dollar Belt, i never bought into him as orton's lacky, i always though he was more suited for JBL's lacky, but the MDB, adds to his heritage & will hopefully lead to a midcard feud with Captain Charisma!

Swagger-Orton was a damn good t.v. match, though i have to ask, is Swager finished on Raw? Cause if he is, it makes sense for him to lose to Orton, but if he's gonna stay, than he should've gone over, unless they give Orton a title match next week, in which Swagger picks up the win.

ShowMiz-Cena/Outunga, was good while it lasted, and built Outunga perfectly, the dude has his character down, and isn't bad in the ring, still green but alot of stars are. He handles himself like a main eventer, and it planted the seeds for a possible feud between the two down the line.